Face Biometrics Technology

A new era in biometric technology has arrived.

It’s time to modify your choice of technology. Upgrade to contactless technology and redefine safety and security in your workplace for a seamless, hygienic, and frictionless experience. 

Go touch-free, contactless, and hassle-free in all access controls in your workplace. 

Many innovative solutions are now being developed for the new normal. GooGler Media Pro is one with the world in finding the most innovative solutions to avert the further spread of the virus. By providing the latest cutting-edge contactless technology, we can now minimize the touch-based systems inside the workplace making it safer and more secure for all.

Benefits of Contactless Biometric Authentication Technologies:

GooGler Media Pro is an official partner distributor of the latest innovation in biometric technology— the UBio-X Pro2, UBio-X, and UBio-X Iris by UNIONCOMMUNITY.  All units are from Korea and are each secured with a unique license key. 

Contactless Biometric Recognition and Fever Screening System 

The UBio-X Pro2 & UBio-X Face are equipped with high-resolution thermal detection modules that provide high-definition thermal images for a touchless and real-time accurate detection and authentication of faces at a distance of up to 3 meters. 

This state-of-the-art technology supports the deep learning algorithm which allows the smart device to detect visitor’s face masks to implement safety protocols. If the mask is worn improperly, the device will automatically block access and will remind visitors to wear the mask properly. 

Contactless Iris Recognition & Fever Screening System

The  UBio-X Face Iris accurately recognizes and authenticates iris at a distance of up to 50cm. Also equipped with high-resolution thermal detection modules that provide high-definition thermal real-time images to detect visitor’s fever and an auto tilting camera, the UBio-X Iris detect iris and accurately authenticates visitors regardless of face barriers (e.g mask, hijabs, glasses) and even physical alterations by plastic surgery.


Useful for commercial facilities, schools, and construction sites, hospitals, public transportation terminals, other educational institutions, and more which can be installed anywhere.

Go touch-free, contactless, and hassle-free.

 Even when things have gone back to normal, contactless technology will still be valid. Contact us today and get your unit installed to see how contactless technology can secure the way we live today. 

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