Simple Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

The real business world is extremely crowded and competitive. It can be brutal, however, competition is an inevitable part of any business of any field and size. This is why every organization or business owner is striving to have an ideal market strategy that works for them so they could stand out from the rest of their competitors. 

In the online world, the competition is much more challenging since it is a more vast platform for any business to exist. The competition is as real as how it is in the real world because it is basically an extension of almost every business that existed today. 

Apparently, Digital Marketing is the way to do business in the online market in the present. Its significance in the field of marketing has now even more realized as the world tries to deal with the pandemic that has shifted the way many industries operate. 

When we talk about digital marketing, we are talking about a flexible marketing strategy. To be more precise, a strategy comprised of many other strategies that when used to advantage will return great results. Here are some Simple Digital Marketing Strategies that businesses can use to thrive in the digital landscape.:

1. Optimize SEO On Your Content

People go to Google and other search engines to search for information for almost anything. This is what makes SEO a relevant requirement when we talk about digital marketing strategies. SEO’s role is to help direct more traffic to your business website from your target audience who are those who are actively using search engines for products and services that you offer as well as the content relevant to your services. 

Use SEO to increase your ranking in search results by using relevant keywords on your content. When it comes to content marketing, the key is for you to provide valuable information to your audience to increase traffic and bring forth conversions. Overall, optimizing SEO when creating content will improve your visibility in the online platform. 

2. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Advertising 

This is one cost-effective and powerful online marketing strategy that you can use to advertise your business. PPC is a paid form of advertising that allows you to bid on keywords that trigger your ad when these keywords are searched. Your ads then appear above organic listings of the top search results. When a user clicks your ad, that’s when you pay for the ad. Simply put, you only pay for the click and not the ad space. 

Google is a go-to-place for PPC campaigns since it’s the most used search engine today. Based on facts in terms of ROI, businesses that spend $1 on PPC campaigns in Google earns at least $8, and those who click the ads are 50% more likely to purchase from your store so it’s really cost-effective!

3. Engage in Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing remains one of the most basic and efficient digital marketing strategies that businesses of any scale use to engage with their potential market. At present, the use of digital marketing in the Philippines has been strongly realized as various businesses were forced to shut down due to the pandemic.

Social media marketing has become a commonly used digital marketing strategy not only to maintain their business but also to grow it. Its focus is geared towards advertising, building brand awareness, developing and maintaining your company’s reputation, and increasing conversions. Social Media sites are also great platforms to find your target market and interact with them which will eventually impact your sales in the long run. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more are some of the social media platforms that you can associate your business with. To effectively build your brand awareness and reputation, you need to use these platforms in sharing informational and promotional content and increase engagements by interacting with the users on these platforms. 

4. Optimize Voice Search SEO 

The use of voice recognition technology in Google search queries have gone up exponentially over the years. With the latest upgrades in technology, users can now perform searches using their voice into a device which is more convenient. 

Through voice search, search results are more accurate, faster, and more convenient since you only need to use your voice to initiate an online search. Apart from that, it improves the user experience of search engines. Due to the convenience it provides the users, people of all ages can utilize this feature. With such advancements, you must keep up and use this to your advantage. 

Voice searches are usually characterized by questions so you need your content to be able to answer such queries. With more accurate keywords, there is a high potential for your website content to be utilized which will then help drive more traffic. 

5. Engage in Video Marketing and Get Creative

If you want a more demonstrative way to appeal to your target audience, video marketing is one strategy that you can use for your business. As observed on the current user behaviors today, a huge percentage of users turn to Youtube and other video sharing platforms for almost any cause. Also a lot of people today opt to watch videos that entertain them and at the same time inform them of what they need to know about the products and services they want to avail. 

You can effectively use video to introduce your brand and share it in any platforms for your target audience to see. Like social media marketing, it also increases brand awareness and can lead to conversions in the long run. 

Digital Marketing has indeed reshaped the way businesses are done these days. Using some of the existing digital marketing strategies available, your business will be able to increase web traffic, brand awareness, as well as increase revenues and conversions. Lastly, in order to keep up with the market, you need to understand that the trends are constantly changing. Thus, you need to stay updated and proactive in moving with the flow of the market.

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