Top Social Media Platforms in the Philippines and How They Can Help Your Business

Gone are the days when brands depend on TV commercials and print ads to be known in public. In the past decade, social media has become one of the best platforms to start and grow business. From being a simple social tool for communication, social media sites have become a huge avenue for markets to interact and for businesses to flourish and expand their reach. Establishing your online presence is easier in social media because it is where the people are now today. 

In today’s era of social media, its potential as a tool for emerging markets keeps on growing which Social Media Marketing now regarded as the new form of marketing. In the Philippines, brands from small to huge industries now utilize the power of social media to reach out to their customers. 

The key to succeeding in social media marketing in the PH lies in choosing the best platform that will work best with the type of business and target market that you have. What makes social media marketing a promising digital marketing strategy that every business should adapt is that it can also boost the effect of other digital marketing strategies which can lead to more potential gains. 

Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the Top Social Media Platforms that have been making a difference to businesses in the Philippines today: 

1. Facebook 

When it comes to social media sites, Facebook leads the chart as the platform that has the most active online users with over 2.8 billion accounts all over the world. In the Philippines alone, Facebook accounts for an estimated 74 million online users which are more than half of the population of the entire Philippines. 

For marketers, Facebook is definitely one of the most versatile platforms that their business can use. Facebook has also been evolving in which added features are designed for marketers to do businesses such as the Facebook Page for Businesses wherein they can showcase their brand, post content to boost their visibility, and interact with their customers. Through the Facebook Page, business owners can track the activities of the page such as page visits and engagements. You can also do advertising via Facebook Ads in which it can help you gain new leads, extend your reach, invite more followers, and drive traffic to your website. 

2. Instagram 

Social media users today are now drawn to platforms that allow them to be more creative in expressing their ideas and interests. Instagram is a great platform that focuses on visual content. With over 500 million users, businesses that rely heavily on visual content such as fashion and clothing, arts and crafts, food, architecture, photography, technology, and more can make use of Instagram as their business platform. 

A large number of Instagram users are early adults to the late twenties so brands targeting customers under this age bracket will do well using it as a platform to do business. 

3. YouTube 

People are naturally visual people and YouTube satisfies that as a platform. Nothing beats YouTube as the social media platform that is most used when it comes to delivering video content. With millions of people watching videos on YouTube nowadays, having it as one of your business platforms will definitely help you boost your brand. 

Compared to other forms of media, videos are a great way to highlight your brand’s personality. YouTube is a great platform to deliver compelling visual materials about your brand with a chance of getting viral and shared by many people if the content is good. This allows your brand to reach across the whole social media world.

4. Twitter 

Twitter is ranked fourth as the largest social media platform in terms of usage today. It is known as a microblogging site because it only allows sending short and quick messages per tweet making it possible for users to have real-time conversations. It is an ideal platform for businesses who want frequent interactions with their target audiences. Businesses related to showbiz, news, sports, and marketing do well in this platform since it relies on real-time updates to connect with other users. 

What you can do is to create a profile that best represents your brand and basically has frequent interactions with your audience. Because the approach is more personal, it will help build your brand image to your consumers. 

5. LinkedIn 

This social media site is more on the business and professional network side so some regular social media platform users may not be familiar with it. LinkedIn is where professionals and businesses can present their online resumes, services, previous works, and company background. It is where employers and human resources find the perfect people to hire.

From being a portal for prospect job applications and hiring, LinkedIn has evolved as the main social networking platform where professionals connect and share business-related discussions and info sharing within the channel. 

When it comes to digital marketing, social media marketing is definitely not one to ignore due to its capacity to build a strong foundation and online presence for your brand. It allows your business to propel across various markets and allows your brand to be introduced directly to your target audiences. The key to finding success in social media marketing lies in choosing the social media platform that would best fit the nature of your business along with your target market.

At Gler Media Pro, we cover all the bases to help you penetrate in the online market. From building your strategies to building your persona and analyzing your target market, we help your business propel and have a better positioning in the digital market. 

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