Website Development & Designs​

Every company needs a website and it is arguably the most important asset that your business must have when it comes to digital marketing.

We aim to build your websites that best represent your brand.

Our team has created engaging and responsive custom or template-based websites for our clients that are tailored according to their tastes and needs. Turn your website into a lead-generating platform that directly appeals to your target market.

Our web development team will help you expand your brand’s online presence using the most up-to-date SEO practices

Control how the world perceives your brand with web development that reflects your business philosophy. 

At Gler Media Pro, we aim to build the digital face of your business that is your website which will best represent your brand. With our team of expert web developers and talented web designers, we build cutting-edge websites that turn into lead-generating platforms that will help your online presence expand in markets. 

Using the most adept and up-to-date web development services and SEO practices, we will help you take flight in the world of the digital market in no time. 

With our expertise built on experience, we have established a reputation behind the success of some huge web development companies abroad of which we’ve collaborated with. We are also proud of our contribution as a web development company in the Philippines behind the growth of some big companies not only in the country but also in the US, Hong Kong, and the UK. 

Web Development Planning

We listen to your goals and we deliver. 

Building a website involves two main stages of production —- Design and Development. Web Design is what will attract your users visually while Web Development is what will bring life to your website. We create web designs with a “customers first” mindset, making sure that the website is tailored according to your needs and taste while creating the right mix of aesthetic value and functionality made possible by web development. 

We focus on analyzing your vision and putting your business needs on top of our priorities as we align our web development plans in making your website goals possible. We value transparency, so we allow you to track our progress, for we believe that it is what fosters good relationships and trust with our clients which are key factors in making a successful and rewarding output. 

From the beginning stages, we will help you understand how your website will work and we will involve you in every step of our process. Our work does not end once your website is ready to launch, as we will help you prepare for the future. 

Fully Customized Website Designs based on goals, audience, and industry

We bring life to your brand by translating your brand’s persona into visual design that your audience will love. 

Web design is not just about making a website attractive through graphics and style. 

What makes a more attractive website is how the overall design is tailored to effectively represent the brand. A web design should be able to highlight the brand’s values and perform its function with the right mix of important elements such as user experience, function, SEO, and all its technical details. 

Each website we design and develop is tailored to highlight the strengths of your company, making sure to get your message across your target audience.

Gler Media Pro web development services and web design services in the Philippines are established to help facilitate the growth of your business by communicating and engaging your audiences with well-thought-out designs and functionality which will bring value to your business.

User Friendly UX/UI Designs

Your UX/UI design can make or break your user base.

The interface is what facilitates interaction between the users and the website that they are using. When customers visit your site and are dissatisfied with how they use your website, it is most likely that they will exit your page and will find a better one with a better user experience. Simply put, having a good UX and UI design is important because they help improve user experience. This increases user involvement which can be an important opportunity for conversions. 

At Gler Media Pro, we provide professional web design services that allow your business to provide the best experience possible for your audience. Whether on mobile or desktop, we make sure to improve the quality and usability of your website to maintain a superb user experience for your prospective customers. 

Support Hosting ( 1 yr. VPS hosting included- VPS hosting is 10x faster than regular hosting provided by other agencies )

Whether you are a small local business or a large eCommerce shop, our flexible and low-cost support hosting solutions will provide you the security and expertise that your business needs. 

As your host provider, we’ll professionally manage your website by consistently monitoring your hosting operations from software updates, email hosting, support, and server management. Rest assured that your data is secured and in good hands while you do your other business operations. 

Domain Name ( 1 yr. Free Domain included )

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when building a website is to buy a domain. Your domain name will be your online ID that your target audience will remember. 

We provide you a domain that is just for you. With our package, we offer a 1-year free domain for your website. 

SEO Friendly / Optimized Web pages

SEO and Web design are two important elements of digital marketing that when combined creates a synergy that creates a good and strong website. SEO is what helps you get found by your users while web design is what keeps them on your page. Every site that we create is backed by solid SEO techniques to help your website get discovered by your audience. 

Multi-Platform Compatibility / Mobile Responsive

Responsive web design is what allows your website to provide optimal user experience by adapting to any platform or device you use to access it. The websites we develop are built with a responsive web design that works compatible with any device that you use — smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. 

WordPress Integration 

When it comes to digital marketing, nothing beats WordPress as an all-around website building tool that you can use for your website or blog. It’s customizable, easy to use, affordable, with a lot of plug-ins that you can use, plus it is already optimized for SEO. WordPress has basically everything that you need to build a website. Our website is also managed on WordPress so we can also help you manage your WordPress websites.

Maintenance and Support

Completing your website doesn’t mean that our job here is done. As your web solutions provider, we offer you maintenance and support to help your website transition in the digital market. We have website maintenance plans that we offer to help you with updating and solving issues that need more expertise. 

Website User Training Provided

At Gler Media Pro, we provide hands-on training to help our clients understand how they will be able to use their platform for their business. From doing quick edits, doing updates, and all the other managing tasks, we’ll give you a walkthrough to your website so you can do these tasks on your own.

At Gler Media Pro, it is in our core to provide only the best services at the most competitive web development pricing in the market. Get a quotation today and we’ll work with what you have to bring you results that surpass expectations.

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine with our web developing approach.

Ecommerce development solutions that help your Online Store business drive more traffic and increase eCommerce conversion rates.

Mobile apps offer the unique opportunity for brand reinforcement through a new channel.

Our Branding and Visual Marketing services will establish your overall designs.

Our Online Advertising through Inbound Marketing approach will Connect.

Optimize your customer support by making it available 24/7 with the help of chatbots.

Our social media marketing approach specialize in producing quality content.

Maximize your business advertising to the next level with video marketing.

Our Ultimate Digital Solution Package

Minimum of 6 months to avail

Monthly Retainers

Have Your  Own Digital Marketing Team  and IT Experts To Handle Your Online Marketing with Dedicated Team Members.  Save More Expenses than Building your Internal  Digital Team and have more time to grow your business.