Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

There is definitely a reason why digital marketing is considered a new trend in marketing today. As the world of marketing continues to innovate, it provides the industry players a globally encompassing platform for them to grow beyond borders and reach out to a much larger market. The growth that the Internet is providing entrepreneurs and marketers is becoming more and more promising that a lot of businesses today, even the well-established ones, are investing in improving their online presence to be able to expand their business. 

But despite the tangible results that digital marketing offers, there are still those who remain skeptical about it probably because they have no idea about how it really works, especially on how to take advantage of it. In this article, we at Gler Media Pro will debunk some of the common misconceptions about Digital Marketing and will provide some fresh insights about the real deal about it so that business owners who want to take their brands to the digital world.

1. Digital Marketing is only for big businesses. 

In the digital world, it’s not about how big or small your business is or how you started it, it’s about how you take advantage of the opportunities that digital marketing can offer. Not only big enterprises but also small-scale businesses can benefit from Digital Marketing as a strategy to introduce their business to a much larger audience. 

Digital marketing creates an avenue where marketers can sell their products directly without having a physical shop, they can engage with their customers in various ways through social platforms, and conduct research about their target audience without needing a market research specialist. This marketing strategy provides small businesses with the necessary tools to help them take flight in the digital space even with a small budget for marketing. And just like for huge businesses, digital marketing can help them reach more

2. Digital Marketing is not an essential part of a company’s marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is effective when your business is able to reach the target market. People today are now going online for various reasons. When they need something, they immediately search the Internet for whatever it is that they need. When they want to reach out to other people, they go to social media platforms to engage with other people. And when they need to purchase something or find a service that is not available in their local area, they visit websites they find on Google.

The take here is that potential customers are now mostly found online. Marketing is all about reaching out to where your customers are. With the current trend today which is greatly influenced by the behavior of consumers, digital marketing provides businesses a wider reach by building a good online presence for the company. 

3. There’s no need for SEO. 

Some say that SEO is dead. That’s not even half the truth. In fact, a lot of online businesses continue to thrive in today’s cut-throat digital space because of SEO. If anything, its significance as a digital marketing strategy has only grown over the years. Even with the existence of social media which apparently is a great platform to establish your online presence and brand reputation, web traffic is still derived more from the searches made by the users via search engines. 

When people need to know something, there is no better way than to ask Google for it. The way SEO works is that it plays a major role in making your website rank in search engine result pages which will bring your business closer to your targeted audiences, especially when you dominate the ranking under the keywords that the users type in. 

In terms of ranking, Google has huge control over this. Everything you publish out there will have to go through Google’s ever-complex and changing algorithms which will distinguish if your content deserves the ranking. Having an SEO company such as Gler Media Pro will ensure that your website is optimized not only for Google but as well as for your users. 

4. Creating a website is enough. 

When it comes to marketing your business online, building a website is a great way to build your online presence. However, this may not be enough especially that the world of online marketing is constantly evolving. It’s good that you’ve invested in web development. You now have a functional website to display your products and services. So now what? 

A website is a great tool that every business needs. It is your brand’s storefront that allows your potential customers to see your virtual space that showcases your whole brand and business. It allows people to get an impression of your brand. But how do you even make your website actually exist and relevant for your visitors? 

Content is an important element that your website should have and social media is a great platform to engage directly with your audience. Aside from web development, you also need to invest in making good content and making brand awareness via social media to keep your business running today. 

5. Any content will do. 

When it comes to content, it’s not about the number of content you publish that works in digital marketing but rather the quality of the content you are putting out there. Search engines evaluate websites for ranking through their quality content and functionality as a website. Google’s algorithm is geared towards promoting websites with high quality and relevant content that best fit what the users search for. Thus, a good digital marketing strategy involves not only creating an attractive and functional website but also creating quality and relevant content with the purpose of giving your visitors the information they need. 

There are many other myths shrouding over Digital Marketing. Marketers who have fallen victim to the myths surrounding half-baked facts tend to miss out on the opportunities that digital marketing offers especially in terms of customers and revenues. 

The trends in digital marketing are ever-evolving and it’s something that even the seasoned marketers and experts still continue to learn about. With the current marketing trends today that is mostly geared towards using cyberspace as an effective platform for business, the role of digital marketing will continue to serve importance for the industry players in growing their ventures online even in the years to come. 

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