How Digital Marketing Can Boost Sales in Real Estate

Selling properties isn’t that much different from selling any other commodities today. Over the past decade, the way people purchase has greatly shifted towards relying on online platforms to find and purchase what they want and need. The same goes now in making real estate investments where digital marketing has become a real game-changer.

Speaking of this shift in consumer behavior, real estate clients today are beginning to buy their houses more systematically. They start by doing online market research to know where they could find available properties to own, as well as to find a reliable realtor to work with them. For best-in-class realtors, they use digital marketing as the forefront of their marketing strategy and we can say that the real estate industry has now become reliant on digital marketing due to the advantages it provides to selling properties — from generating leads, to showcasing properties despite geological boundaries and to making successful sales. 

Although we have seen how this kind of change can potentially transform the real estate industry, it does not, however, mean that it has changed the market entirely. Rather, real estate developers and investors are seeing great importance with digital marketing as they are moving from conventional to more convenient ways of finding properties and that is to go digital. 

Here are some of the ways that digital marketing can help boost sales in digital marketing: 

1. It boosts exposure for brokers and real estate properties.

When clients look for properties to buy, no longer do they pick up a newspaper to go on the classified or flip a real estate magazine to look for available land properties. Instead, they go straight to Google where they can instantly get the information that they need such as available properties on a specific location, price comparisons, costing, and more in just a click of the mouse. 

By having your digital presence active, it can help realtors find the market that looks for what they are offering. When you use social media marketing, you need to be able to research your target market in order to know what makes your consumers involved with brands. 

2. Using Chatbots as Customer Support

Even before the popularity of virtual reality, chatbots are one tool that’s been utilized by various platforms. This technology uses voice, text, and messages that are programmed to communicate directly to the customers. For many businesses, chatbots have become an extension of their customer service and advertising campaigns to promote products and services in a more personalized way.

Chatbots offer a more responsive way of communicating with customers as they can quickly and accurately provide answers to the client’s inquiry while gathering information about their users. Chatbots are an effective way of boosting interaction with potential clients. It’s also a cost-effective tool that you can use to run the platform 24/7 without paying for a human employee to do the job.

3. Virtual Tours via Augmented Reality 

When people buy lands and real estate properties, they will need to see the actual property before making the final decision to buy it. This is the greatest challenge with real estate marketing. However, you can make things easier by adding augmented reality to your digital marketing. Real estate agencies can use augmented reality or AR to create interactive advertisements and catalogs for a more realistic approach in presenting the properties to the clients. With AR, clients can visit the property and see it in actual from the comfort of their home. 

4. Social Media Ad Campaigns for Real Estate Digital Marketing 

Aside from Google, social media like Facebook is also a great platform to find existing businesses as well as a real estate listing available for sale. Since a lot of people are using social media platforms to do all sorts of activities including business, real estate agencies also find it a great platform to find suitable target markets

One of the biggest advantages that social media provides for real estate agencies is its ability to share and highlight their success sale stories to their clients. The more proof of the satisfied clients, the better impact it will provide to the agent or agency which will help build trust and add credibility to the services offered. Placing ads on social media where most people are when they go online will also facilitate in establishing an online presence in various markets. Social media is a reliable marketing channel not only for commodities but as well as in a real estate.

When it comes to buying properties, investors make their final decision to purchase the property after seeing them in person. But even before they decide on viewing the property in actual, it is ideal that they are presented a good preview of the property even before the actual visit. This saves time, resources and can help facilitate even faster transactions and more potential sales. With the digital conveniences provide online, it can help brokers make the purchasing process a lot easier for their clients. 

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