How Good Is WordPress For Building Website

Building a website from scratch is not for everyone. If you are interested in building a website but have little to no experience in building one, utilizing website builders such as WordPress is the perfect solution for those start-up companies, individuals, and small-scale business owners to start their website without hiring a website development company to do it for them. 

WordPress was first launched in 2003 to make online publishing available for all. It has become a fast-growing and most widely-used Content Management System (CMS) at present accounting for 38.8% of all websites on the Internet. This means WordPress dominates one-third of the web. According to Kinsta, there are more than 500 WordPress websites that are built each day while 60-80 websites are built on platforms such as Squarespace or Shopify. 

It has certainly come a long way as a powerful software tool that was created as an easy to use platform for bloggers and those individuals with less experience in website development. It operates as a set of free and open-source code files that builds the core structure of a website. This website building site offers features that allow the building of all sorts of websites ideal for businesses of any size and industry, blogs of any niche, and other online platforms.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Business

Here are some of the benefits that WordPress offers for businesses wanting to build their name through a website: 

1. It’s a Free Open Source Website Builder

Unlike other website building tools that ask you to pay for sign up packages before you can build a website, WordPress is an open-source and free website builder. Aside from purchasing a domain name and a hosting account to get your website live which typically costs $14.99/year and $7.99 per month respectively, WordPress provides access to all free WordPress themes and over 57,000 free plugins making it possible to set up and run a website. 

This is perfect for all budget-conscious business owners wanting to build their online platform. However, for those with more complex and specific needs on their website, they can opt to buy Premium themes and WordPress plugins or hand over the web development task to a more experienced web development and web design company. Using WordPress to build your website costs less than any other commercial alternatives. 

2. Easy to Install and User-friendly 

WordPress was designed for bloggers and publishers with varying levels of coding skills including those who have little to no coding experience. It has a no-fuss installation process and can be set up easily and used right away. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can easily add content and manage it from a new site’s admin dashboard. 

Since WordPress was designed for basically all types of users, those with development experience can work directly with the site’s core codes. On the other hand, users are still able to manage their WordPress site without having to do any coding or editing the site’s core code. 

3. Compatible for any device, Mobile-friendly features, and Responsive Themes

With the convenience that mobile devices are offering to the people, mobile website usage has been on the rise. Apparently, other than using a full-sized computer in doing their searches, people are now using their mobile phones to access the Internet to get the information that they want. In fact, according to Statcounter, worldwide mobile phone usage accounts for 52.95%, while Desktop accounts for 44.22%, and tablet usage with a low 2.83% as of November 2020. This only means that more searches and online transactions are now done from mobile devices than any other devices that could access the Internet. 

Knowing these stats, it is important to make sure that your website still looks good with a responsive design so it’s easy to use when viewed through mobile phones. Good thing WordPress themes are designed to be responsive or mobile-friendly. WordPress websites can be built with these themes which automatically adapt pages and post to any device you use to view them from. This allows you to manage your website from anywhere. 

4. Can be managed by multiple users using any device.

WordPress sites are “self-hosted” by your chosen hosting provider, you can always access your website anywhere or on any device. It can also be managed by anyone on your team who has been granted access by the main admin. This makes it easy for your users who are working remotely as a team. It also works with many web hosting services and is recommended by many companies such as GoDaddy, SiteGround, Dreamhost, etc.

5. Complete Customization and Control

WordPress offers users complete control over their website. WordPress core code is a self-contained entity that offers its users full control over their site’s appearance, accessibility, and functions through its fully functional content management system. Website owners can customize their website the way they want to suit their business needs. 

Although WordPress offers its own web hosting to website builders, you can still opt to choose another web hosting company to run your WordPress website. With the control that WordPress offers its users, this means that you will have to manage your own website which includes keeping up with WordPress updates, plugin updates, and creating backups. 

Learning how to start and manage a website is something that can be learned by the users. While some learn it by scratch, others call in IT specialists and website developers to do the job expertly.

6. Versatility and Scalability for any type of business.

While WordPress was originally designed for blogging, it is now used as a website builder for businesses and any other kind of website. WordPress offers themes and plugins that are designed to be used in creating all kinds of unique sites that suit a company’s specific needs for their website. There are thousands of available free and premium themes and plugins that can be found in its theme directory that are ready to use to create any type of website. These themes can also be overlaid with a set of codes on the core code to customize the appearance and layout of the website. 

Versatility is one of the core features of any WordPress development. This is what programmers and developers take advantage of in which they add more functionality to the website by adding themes and plugins from third-party sources which they incorporate with WordPress to achieve the kind of feature they want their websites to have to meet any business needs. 

7. Offers a Built-In Business Blog for Every Website

Having a blog with rich and active content within a website is a powerful tool for any content marketing strategy. Since WordPress was originally developed for creating blogs, this website builder has all the essentials to create and manage content that could benefit from promoting the company. 

The Post and Page text editor contains all the necessary tools that can be used for an engaging content presentation. These tools allow you to edit content, style text, add images, videos, and other multimedia content, and allows you to share your blog on various social media. Some WordPress business themes are designed to have business blogs that are easy to manage and update regularly. 

8. Offers SEO-Friendly Features to Increase Search Engine Rankings

WordPress sites are Improving your website’s SEO ranking helps increase your visibility in the online world. Without SEO, making it in the online world without being seen in search engines is like launching a business without informing anybody about it.

WordPress features a free Yoast SEO plugin which solves tons of SEO issues. This makes your site, even more, search engine friendly which Google prefers when ranking websites. WordPress also offers mobile responsive themes and plugins that add SEO tools to all pages and post making it easy to optimize your pages so that search engines like Google can crawl and index your website for better search engine ranking. 

9. WordPress is a trustworthy website builder with a long year’s worth of reputation. 

Since WordPress was launched in 2003, it has helped millions of publishers, bloggers, and business owners build their websites and launch their platforms in the online world. For almost two decades, it has been a reliable open source website builder that many website developers trust to create all sorts of websites. In the process, WordPress has been refined and improved to become a world-class web publishing system that has launched millions of great websites in the digital world. 

10. WordPress is the most popular open-source website builder today. 

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has already powered millions of websites around the world today. And with the increasing number of businesses shifting their platforms online, the number of WordPress websites will most likely increase.

With thousands of available quality themes and plugins that website developers can use to create professional-quality websites, the ease of use, control, and scalability it offers to businesses, it is no wonder that WordPress has become the number one most used web publishing system and content management system today. 

Because of its free and open-source platform, it has been providing support to a community of small business owners to grow their business in the digital world. 

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