Is a Website Still Important? or Are Websites Dead?

Looking at the digital market today, it’s safe to say that the use of mobile apps has become a huge game-changer in the world of business. With the advent of smartphone advancements, customers have now shifted their way of dealing with their so-called connected life. 

It’s 2020, in the middle of an on-going pandemic, and seeing it like this, it has led us to these intriguing questions: 

Are websites still relevant today? Or will apps dominate the market? 

With people always demanding for convenience and accessibility, the app economy has found its relevance not only in the world of business but as well as in the lives of the people in general. 

People today spend most of their time on their phones using various mobile apps to do the usual things like listening to music, playing games, shopping, ordering food, booking flights, and more. With mobile apps satisfying the needs of the consumers, we have come to a point where we developed a dependence on mobile applications. 

What makes a website relevant? 

When people search for brands online, no longer do they have the websites as the only way to know about the brand they are searching for. With the existence of mobile apps, some users head straight to Google Play or App Store to see what else they can find. This manifests the shift in consumer behavior about how they reach out to brands which also leads to companies to make business decisions as to how they can effectively reach out to their target market. 

If you are a business owner, you might ask these questions: 

Do we need to ditch out building a website and invest on mobile app development instead to reach our targets? 

Is a mobile app relevant to my type of business? 

To answer your questions, here are things that you should know: 

  • When people search on search engines like Google, you can only see contents that are from websites and not from Apps. So, if you don’t have a website, you won’t be able to rank on SERPs. Thus, less online visibility.
  • To be able to use mobile apps, they need to be downloaded on the device and users are requested for verification,sign ups, logins, etc. Not everyone has enough mobile capacity for new downloaded apps and is willing to do the hustle. 

Every business is different. Not every type of business can benefit from a mobile app and not every business can afford to develop a mobile app. 

Reasons to Have a Website 

The thing is, it’s actually a matter of benefit as to why businesses still choose to invest in website development companies such as Googler Web Development to create their websites. Some companies can benefit from having accessible information online. Others benefit from low-cost online ads, content marketing, SEO, and other marketing opportunities which are made possible by a reliable web development company. More importantly, customers reach out to them via their website. 

Here are some of the reasons for having a website that you and your customers can benefit: 

  • It serves as the base of all online marketing operations 
  • A great platform that allows complete control on how you introduce your brand to the market
  • Establish a brand reputation and build trust and connection with your customers. 
  • Accessible anywhere 24/7
  • Cost-effective 
  • Positive ROI 
  • Less expensive than developing mobile apps
  • Self-service customer service
  • Low-cost advertising opportunities, PPCs, etc. 
  • You can engage your users with useful content 
  • Creates a professional persona of the brands
  • Increasing sales from online consumers 
  • Allows you to track the movements of your customers 
  • Get found online with the use of effective SEO tactics
  • Expand market reach

Aside from apps, the use of social media also puts a question mark on the usability and relevance of websites. From what we know, social media is one of the platforms where a brand can easily establish its digital presence and connect with its customers. With its features such as Facebook pages in which you can establish and market your brand, why would you even need to build a website when you can simply build a page in minutes? 

If you really want to survive in a sea of businesses, you need to be able to stand out. Remember that social media pages belong to another company. While you can benefit from an increased online presence, the platform is not owned by your brand, thus, it can be taken down anytime. 

Your social platform is simply your funnel that will direct you to your real home which is your website. Your website will be your brand’s very own online home that will strengthen how you present your brand to your market. 

Although mobile apps and social media are great platforms to grow your business, not every business can reap total benefits from it. This leads us to the conclusion that there is no other communication medium that could best deliver your content and introduce your brand other than a website. A website simply brings your business to a professional, functional, and sales level. 

So are websites still important?  Yes. Definitely. Are websites dead? Definitely not. It’s safe to say that its relevance will continue for more years to come.

With all the benefits that a site can bring to a business, its importance as a medium that moves your business altogether in the digital platform should not be ignored.  

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