Is it Too Late to Put Your Business Online?

Reality check.

The pandemic fatigue is as real as it gets. 

The recent unfortunate events have greatly placed the business sector in a sink and swim situation. With people limiting themselves from going out on the streets, brick-and-mortar businesses started losing their customers. With sales continuing to plummet due to the lack of customers who instead opt on saving what they can for only the essentials, other businesses offering products and services that are not really on the essential side are left to struggle to get their business to sustain throughout the new normal. 

Speaking of the new normal, as we are slowly adapting to the whole situation that we are in, lots of things have changed in the way we do things. When before we have doubted the power of the Internet, the pandemic has definitely highlighted and confirmed its relevance in our lives especially at times like this. 

Now we can see an increasing number of people looking online not only to get relevant and accurate information about what is happening outside, but they are also embracing the convenience of shopping online for all of their needs like never before, as supposed that the digital world is the only safe place on earth from the COVID-19 virus. As business people, it is an open opportunity to step up and take advantage of this new normal. 

With the solution to this worldwide crisis is still underway and with no sure timeline as to when this pandemic will end, working remotely is definitely here to stay for good. Having an online presence has already been a growing trend and it’s been essential for all businesses ever since. Along with the shift of consumer behavior, the businesses that have survived the economic implications of the virus are now thinking of new ways to reshape their strategies. 

The current economic crisis that the world is experiencing today is shaking the pillars of every business across all sectors. Now that technology is being used in many different sectors to support ‘social distancing’ restrictions, implementing online channels is now a core premise to promote a business. 

Pandemic or not, businesses are still in a competitive market. Therefore, in order to adapt to the current needs of the market, companies that wish to thrive must consider moving their businesses onto the digital world and utilize digital marketing to transform your business. To be honest, there isn’t any other way to get your business to the current market other than engaging online using effective digital marketing strategies. At the present, there is a growing need to implement the right strategies and procedures that will enable businesses to expand their online reach.

So, is it too late to put your business online? 

Definitely not. But if you take too much time thinking about whether or not to consider having an online platform for your business while all the other businesses are already doing so, then it probably will be. 

Reasons Why Your Business Should Get Online Today

An online business could mean so much more than starting your business website. Entrepreneurs can now choose from an endless array of digital marketing solutions to support their online business—-from web development, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, cloud-based productivity apps to digital payments, and more. The most promising premise that going online has for businesses is the potential reach that it can contribute to the business. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting your business online today: 

1. Having a website gives your business instant credibility

When you have a professional website, your customers will most likely trust your business. Having an online space where you can showcase your brand or services will open your business to more opportunities of being found by valuable customers who are interested in your offerings. You can also benefit from online reviews and testimonials by your customers which will add more credibility to your business. Having feedback from actual customers not only builds credibility for your business, but also provides the insights that you need to improve more of your products and services. 

2. Reach your customers where they are. 

In this digital world, your business needs to be where your customers are — and that’s online. Social media alone accounts for 3.96 billion people users today, which accounts for roughly half (51%) of the global population. If you’re anywhere online, implying your business is on the right platform and is implementing the right digital marketing strategies, your customers will easily find you and at the same time, it would be easier for you to accommodate your customers. Getting visible online today means that your business is actually on the business map. 

3. Having your own website gives you greater control of your brand online. 

Your website can be your biggest business asset online. Having your own platform gives you the freedom to be creative in showcasing your brand the way you want to express it, develop and establish your brand voice based on your actual vision for your brand, and prove to your customers that you are a top choice for their needs. 

4. You can attend to customers 24/7

Being accessible 24/7 gives your customers the freedom to avail of your service whenever they want which is very convenient. As for your part, the longer you are on business, the more possible conversions you get. 

5. Get found easily. 

Through efficient digital marketing strategies, such as SEO, content marketing, and SMM, you can get your business higher up in the search results. Through great quality and SEO-friendly content, you can definitely get your business get found in SERPs which will drive your site some traffic. Employ a great digital marketing team to work on your SEO. 

6. Multiple ways to market

Having a website as part of your digital marketing effort is your base ground in the online business world. There are a lot of digital marketing strategies that you can try to market your brand or business such as utilizing the power of social media, email marketing, and other marketing efforts that work. If done properly, your business can have improved brand awareness, customer reach, and increase sales in the most cost-effective and time-relevant way possible. 

Tips For Moving Your Off-shore Store Online

So you’ve finally decided to move your business online, now we’re talking. In this competitive market, following the trend of going online is the best business move you can make right now that could also benefit you in the long run. Here are some tips you can consider when moving your brick-and-mortar store or business online. 

1. Choose the right platform that works for you

Create your brand and acquire a business asset that gives you full control over. Instead of using a third-party site to sell your product, use a self-hosted e-commerce platform such as Shopify. According to statistics, Shopify has had over 218 million buyers, from 175 countries, in the past year. It also has had over 46.45 million visits in the last 6 months with an average visitor spending nearly 4 minutes on the page and visits more than 3 stores in Shopify. It’s an easy to use platform that even novice can set up their own Shopify store. 

2. Replicate the in-store experience online 

Since people can only see the product virtually based on whatever you put on your online store, you need to provide quality pictures of your products with detailed product descriptions, and a FAQ section so they’ll know what they’re buying. 

3. Structure a follow-up strategy 

Expect that people may not directly buy from your store on the get-go. You need to develop your brand awareness and build a relationship with your customers. Retarget them later using Facebook retargeting ads or campaigns and automated emails to follow people up when they’re ready to buy.

4. Take care of your existing customers 

Customer relationship takes time to build and takes more time and effort to foster. When you decide to move your business online, take your loyal customers with you. It is much easier and cheaper to get someone to purchase from you again rather than getting new customers. You can reach out to your entire customer database directly using the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

If you’re planning to build a business and yet building your online platform isn’t part of the plan, or if you are a business owner who still thinks that you don’t need an online platform for your business to succeed, then you are in serious trouble. With many other businesses that are in the same industry as you, not getting head to head with your competitors and not being where your customers are will cost you many benefits that being present online offers to businesses of all sizes. 

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