Adapting to Contactless Technology – Face Recognition Biometrics

As the world continues to live under the new normal where close encounters are discouraged, we are left to adapt to the current changes that the pandemic has brought to the world.  

COVID-19 has become an evolutionary catalyst for many industries urging them to step up their game towards innovation. In these unprecedented times, what people need from companies across every industry possible is for them to rethink how they function. Every industry is now being challenged to adapt quickly and find solutions to normalize this new world. As we are trying to get more accustomed to the new ways of our changing masked society, we are in need of reinforcements to help us live conveniently despite the uncertainty. 

The protective layers we wear are not enough for this cause which is why our movements are being limited with enforced social distancing. As much as we need an effective vaccine that can put a fix to this viral problem, we also need to find ways to safeguard ourselves from and prevent the further spread of coronavirus everywhere, especially in our homes, community, and workplace.

Contactless Technology in the Face of an Ever-changing World

Today, the world has turned its head towards relying on what technology can offer to lessen any physical contact possible. We’ve adapted to a more digitally advanced organization more than ever. Multiple touchpoints are now being eliminated and streamlined with biometric verification that is proven quick, hygienic, and secure to lessen the spread of the virus in public places. It’s safe to say that technology is already changing the way we do things and has been reshaping the world we live in.

From online ordering systems, online classes and meetings, cashless payments and transactions, self-service devices and machines, and more, technology has been leading the charge for safer, secured, and reliable ways of engaging with our everyday activities by adapting to what contactless technology can offer.

Adoption of Face Recognition Biometrics in Industries

Biometrics technology has been around for ages and has been adapted in many other applications. But it is in these times that we have realized how this innovation is essential for a contactless and seamless process. It is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the need for the adaption of this technology more than it ever has before.

With the current changes that our world faces, with the need for social distancing and other safety protocols to be strictly implemented and followed, biometric security must also adapt. We are now challenged to adapt to a touchless future with one area of biometrics technology that is stepping up to the challenge — Face Recognition Biometrics.

According to research, the facial recognition market was already at 3.97 billion USD in 2018 and is predicted to increase in use to 10.15 billion USD by the year 2025. From fingerprint, voice to face recognition, it’s fascinating how the advances in biometric technology have shaped our approach to security in recent years.

Face recognition technology is capable of identifying a subject through audiovisual elements of the face. The system captures an incoming image from a camera device in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional way depending on the characteristics of the device from which the system is applied. This identification is often used to get access to various systems and applications instead of other identification solutions such as passwords, email verification, selfies or images, or fingerprint identification, that requires touching the device or requires information to be input which can be prone to hacking. 

Everyone has a unique facial structure and features. Biometric facial recognition is able to analyze your unique facial features and match them with a database that has your information and identify who you are in real-time. This system uses unique algorithms and dynamic patterns that allow the process to be carried out in real-time and making it a safe and effective system for securing identification. 

How Does it Work? 

Depending on the use of facial recognition, the technology system may vary to tailor the system to how you want it to work. However, it generally functions as follows: 

Step 1: Face Detection

The camera will detect and recognize a face, either alone or in a crowd. 

Step 2: Face Analysis

The system analyzes the 2D and 3D images captured. 2-dimensional photos are more convenient to analyze because they are easier to match with photos in a database. The face has 80 nodal points that make up each face and each has several distinguishable landmarks that are identified by biometric face recognition software. 

Step 3: Converting An Image to Data

After the make out of the face is analyzed, the image captured is then converted into codes which are called a faceprint that is matched to a database of faceprints. Just like the thumbprint, each person has their unique face print. 

Step 4: Finding a Match

The identified faceprint is matched against the other faceprints in the database and a determination is made. 


Facial recognition may seem quite futuristic, but in this fast-changing world where digital technology dominates, it’s currently being used in a variety of ways. Face recognition is widely used for verification or authentication. Here are some applications of contactless facial recognition biometrics technology: 

  • Secondary authentication factor for extra security for log-in processes
  • Accessing apps and systems without the need to input a password
  • Instant access to previously contracted online platforms and services 
  • Access to buildings and various establishments
  • Adds security to devices by being accessed only by the owner
  • Easy and contactless check-ins in tourist services such as in airports, stations, and hotels. 
  • Face recognition for clocking in and out of employees (no time card and fingerprints needed) 
  • Temperature scanning 
  • Can be used for Security control
  • Real-time identification and authentication 

Facial recognition firms have released several new products that can help combat the threat of the Covid-19 virus. Since transmission of the virus is as easy as exposure to common air and things, users worldwide are now discarding touch-based fingerprinting systems and replacing them with Face Recognition Biometrics. This type of biometrics technology serves to be the most relevant technology that can help minimize transmission of the virus in the workplace, offices, and other places where people can’t help but interact. This innovation has the ability to authenticate a person even when a large part of the face is covered by a mask.

Today, security isn’t only emphasized on safety against terrorists, fraud, and any sort of crimes. With the ongoing pandemic that puts us under threat of infection, implementing a digital technology that enables people to undergo quick and easy identity and temperature checks is essential to keeping people safe and aware of the possibilities of infection. Enabling contactless passage through multiple touchpoints and alerting authorities for those who have elevated body temperature which is one common sign of illness should be a top priority in any industry and establishment especially in this time of the pandemic. 

We do not know until when we are going to live with our masks and face shields on, with alcohols secured in our pockets, and with that certain awareness and assumption that even our loved ones can carry it. Upgrading to contactless technology can definitely redefine the way we ensure safety and security in today’s fast-changing digital world. And even as the world will recover from the ruins of the pandemic, this type of technology will continue to be relevant.  

With companies being challenged to find solutions to the impending problems the world is facing, many innovative solutions are now being developed that are tailored for the new normal. And in that cause, GooGler Media Pro aims to find the most innovative digital solutions for today’s technology-forward society. GooGler Media Pro is an official partner distributor of the latest innovation in biometrics— the Facial Biometric Technology. 

By adapting to the latest cutting-edge contactless technology, we can now minimize the touch-based systems inside the workplace making it a safer and more secure working environment for all.

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