Latest Digital Trends Your Business Can’t Ignore in 2021

It’s finally 2021 and we are now facing a full year ahead of us as we try to move along with the changes the last 2020 had us coming. With the outbreak of COVID-19 being the highlight of the previous year, businesses took a serious hit due to the sudden shift in consumer shopping habits. With consumers now actively shopping online and with them preferring to do so to limit physical contact as much as possible. And with such a shift in the market and digital trends, business owners are forced to relocate their businesses online to stay connected with their audience. 

Consumer interests and behaviors have now become fickle resulting in the market trends constantly evolving and changing and right now, consumers are largely engaged in online shopping. With people increasingly going online for their needs, the competition has also risen high between businesses engaging in the online market. 

Today, brands are hiring digital marketing experts to do their inbound marketing. Digital marketing companies are constantly updated on digital marketing trends and strategies that work greatly to market brands in the online market. 

To attract customers and make sales in the digital market, you need to know the current digital marketing trends of today. Doing so, you can make sure your brands stay connected and get the attention it needs from the market. Here are some digital trends that your business might need in the year 2021.

1. Optimize Video Content

Consumers aren’t able to see the features of the products and how it works through pictures and product descriptions can become complicated to understand especially when a particular feature is uncommon. This is why many prefer a more visual way to see the product which is via video. 

With video content, brands are able to showcase their products in 360 views and highlight the important features of their products which can be the selling points of what they are offering in the market. There are many ways on how you can utilize video marketing as a strategy to market your brand. One of the most used is via YouTube which is the largest video sharing platform available today. Other than utilizing YouTube to share your content around the Internet, you can also create a video post or do a live broadcast on your brand’s social media platform and talk about your product while interacting with your consumers. 

Utilizing video content on your website can also drive more traffic more than written content because it has the ability to be more compelling than text. It also helps boost your ranking because Google’s algorithm pushes pages with informative content, in that case, having an informative video on your platform will increase your chance to be ranked in search engine result pages.

2. Use of Chatbots 

Chatbots are an AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that has secured great value in digital marketing in 2021. Believe it or not, we are now driven by artificial intelligence which helps lessen workloads and make marketing more efficient for brands and business. With chatbots, consumers are able to reach out and inquire at any time which means providing 24 hrs customer service by businesses. 

With chatbots, customers are provided basic answers to their inquiries instantly which is more efficient and convenient than having an actual employee to answer all inquiries. This saves more time and money, more importantly, it encourages the customers to make purchases. 

3. Utilizing Social Media Features 

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube have now elevated their way of engaging their users in the platform. Almost all people now of all ages are now on social media. With nearly billions of users across social media platforms, most of them use their social media Stories to make their life updates. 

With that, we can also say that story-based sharing has now grown faster than ordinary news feed sharing. These stories stay on your profile for a good 24 hours where you can be creative in posting images and videos, and post ads to promote your brand, increase engagement with your audience, improve online presence and brand awareness. It’s also a cost-effective marketing strategy 

4. Work with Social Media Influencers

Influencer Marketing has now become a new way of marketing brands. It focuses on using famous people from various platforms with a huge following to promote their brand. In order to pull off an effective influencer marketing campaign, you need to work with the right influencer that can influence their audience to get to know your brand and eventually influence their followers to become your customers. This will give your brand a significant boost in online presence and improve consumer trust towards your products.

5. Utilize Paid Advertising 

While SEO remains to be an effective digital marketing strategy that can benefit your business by improving your digital presence, the progress can take time. This is why you need to utilize other digital marketing strategies to market your website. One of the most cost-effective is by utilizing Paid Ads. 

If you want a faster and dynamic way to gain traction for your website, Google Advertising is a cost-effective shortcut to increase your web visibility. Your ads usually appear above the organic results in search engines which include images that make the ad more noticeable and clickable. 

The world of digital marketing is full of competition. And while competition is high between businesses participating in the online market, constant change in marketing trends happens due to the changing purchasing habits of consumers. Because of this, marketers should be able to be on the lookout for what’s in and what works in order to thrive in the competitive market which they will have to deal with new technological advancements and new marketing strategies as it will allow them to be a step ahead in the game if used correctly. 

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